The Perfect Start

When we say Rosy Royals has the perfect start we mean a launch which every start-up dreams of and only few can attain it. There are many firsts to its name from the first day itself. The first processors of stones like Granite, Marble and Sandstone within the same integrated plant. The largest project of its category in Gujarat. The first company to process the local material in such huge quantities. With all these firsts and the capacity to manufacture 2 million sq. meters of stone, slabs and tiles; it definitely is the one stop stone centre for any kind of stone requirement be it Indian or imported.

Action Oriented Vision

A vision has always to be action oriented or else it’s never a vision. It’s just a dream. Understanding this very thin line between a vision and a dream, Rosy Royal Minerals’ vision is to provide a complete processing of the stones like Granite, Marble and Sandstone all under the same roof; helping us to serve our customers with faster delivery and quicker installation as well as attaining exceptional polish guarantee.

Why Choose us

Our granite production plant has evolved into a high-tech granite slab and natural stone production facility complete with new-age technology for cutting and polishing of granite slabs and other granite products. We have a team of experienced staff looking after the processing, dressing and inspecting of our granite products. When these are cleaned and fulfilled to consummation the magnificence of these granite slabs reflect is genuinely extravagant, dazing and essentially captivating leaving the spectators enchanted.

We employ master granite manufacturers to craft our natural stone from India. The mystery to our triumph is our smoothness in sourcing the right materials from the right granite block suppliers at the right costs and transforming them with the most recent Italian machines to broaden the best quality fulfilled granite products to all our clients.

  • Crafted by planet earth

    Our blocks and slabs undergo meticulous processing activities using state-of-art gang saws, resin lines and polishing units from world renowned Granite & Marble Machinery Manufacturers of Italy.

  • Earth’s natural jewels

    The finest raw materials, invariably from our own quarries.We are the first processors of stones like Granite, Marble and Sandstone within the same plant.

    We get you out in a pinch

    Our machine can operate for 24hrs a day in most challenging environments for Mining and quarrying Operations. Our Machine have exceptional loading and excavating capacity.

Vibrant Gujarat


VGGIS 2011 – Vibrant Gujarat Global Investors’ Summit 2011 Rosy Royal Minerals has sign a MOU with the Gujarat State Government. VGGIS is a global investors’ summit happening every two years. Visit to know more about it.

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